Synectics Technologies Limited Plans Industry-Leading Green Energy Hyperscale Data & High-Performance Computing Centre in Uganda.

Kampala, Uganda – Synectics Technologies Limited, a frontrunner in innovative technological solutions, has achieved significant sustainability milestones with the proposed green energy hyperscale data and high-performance computing center in Uganda.

Synectics Technologies is developing The Aeonian Project which is a hybrid Tier-4 Plus (4+) off-grid green energy regional Hyperscale Data & High-Performance Computing Centre (DHPC) powered by 100MW of excess pre-transmission electricity from the government owned Karuma Hydro Power Plant (K-HPP) in Uganda.

This landmark project sets a new benchmark in the industry, showcasing how advanced technology can harmonize with sustainable practices to create infrastructure that is both cutting-edge and environmentally responsible.

Pioneering Green Data Centres in Africa

The proposed data centre in Uganda represents Synectics Technologies Limited’s commitment to driving sustainability within the technology industry. As data centres are notorious for their high energy consumption and environmental impact, Synectics has taken a proactive approach to address these challenges head-on. The facility integrates several pioneering green technologies, making it one of the most eco-friendly data centres on the continent.

Innovative Energy Solutions

One of the most notable goals of this project is its utilization of excess off-grid clean energy. The data centre will be 100% primarily powered by a hydroelectric power, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. This approach not only minimizes reliance on fossil fuels but also ensures a more stable and cost-effective energy supply, aligning with Uganda’s broader energy goals.

The implementation of advanced cooling technologies also plays a crucial role in the centre’s sustainability. Using cutting-edge liquid cooling systems and energy-efficient air conditioning, the facility manages to maintain optimal operating temperatures with minimal energy expenditure. This technology drastically reduces the energy required for cooling, which is typically one of the largest energy consumers in data centres.

In addition, the data center will be further cooled by the water from the adjoining river Nile. Furthermore, the heat generated from the center will be used to provide hot water to the proposed CSR based hospital project for the community.

Water Conservation and Waste Management

In addition to energy efficiency, Synectics has incorporated innovative water conservation methods. The data centre employs a closed-loop water cooling system that recycles water, reducing consumption and waste. Water from the nearby River Nile will be used for additional cooling further contributing to the facility’s sustainability.

Waste management at the data centre adheres to the highest environmental standards. The facility features comprehensive e-waste recycling programs and utilizes biodegradable materials wherever possible, ensuring minimal environmental impact. By fostering a culture of recycling and responsible waste management, Synectics Technologies Limited sets a precedent for other tech companies in the region.

Economic and Social Impact

Beyond its environmental achievements, the data centre also promises substantial economic and social benefits. The project will create numerous job opportunities, from construction to ongoing operations, contributing to the local economy. Furthermore, the data centre will enhance digital infrastructure in Uganda, providing faster and more reliable internet services which are crucial for business, education, and governance.

Synectics has also committed to community engagement and education, offering training programs in sustainable practices and data centre management. These initiatives aim to empower the local workforce with the skills necessary to thrive in the evolving tech landscape.

Setting New Standards

The proposed data centre is a testament to Synectics Technologies Limited’s vision and leadership in sustainable innovation. By integrating clean renewable energy, advanced cooling technologies, water conservation, and responsible waste management, the company not only reduces its environmental impact but also demonstrates that sustainability and technological advancement can go hand in hand.

This project sets a new standard for the industry, highlighting the importance of sustainability in technology infrastructure. It serves as an inspiring example for other companies in Uganda and beyond, encouraging them to adopt greener practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Synectics Technologies Limited’s achievement is more than just a technological milestone; it is a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable world. As the technology industry continues to grow, the company’s innovative approach provides a blueprint for sustainable development, ensuring that progress does not come at the expense of our planet.

The data centre stands as a beacon of what is possible when environmental responsibility is placed at the forefront of technological advancement. Through its groundbreaking efforts, Synectics Technologies Limited is not only enhancing digital infrastructure but also paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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