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The Apeiron Project

Green High Speed Data Transmission Project

Synectics Technologies is developing The Apeiron Project which is a Regional Network transnational data transmission and telecommunication infrastructure using fibre optic cabling through managed Rights of Way, overhead, terrestrial and in-river roll outs to connect landlocked countries within the East and Central Africa.

The first phase of the Data transmission project will connect 1000 kiHerelometres of leased dark fibre optic cables to link the Data & High-Performance Computing Center (DHPC) in Karuma with the company head office in Kampala (Uganda) for remote monitoring; and also connect the same facility via Lira and Tororo (Uganda) to submarine cables in Mombasa (Kenya) for connectivity to the rest of the world.

The second phase of the project is the roll out of 1500 kilometres of dark fibre from Hoima (Uganda) to connect to the submarine cables in Tanga (Tanzania).

The third phase of the project will connect the Central African countries through terrestrial fibre to the East African countries.

The planning and development of the first and second phases of the of the Apeiron Project are currently on-going. The two phases will also act as back up data transmission lines for the DHPC.

The project is expected to go onstream (in multiple phases) from the second quarter of 2025 (Q2 2025).

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